An everyday boost

I just noticed my oven has a sense of humor.

When it is done preheating, it chimes and its LCD readout says “INSERT FOOD.” I’m sure the engineers at Maytag saw this as nothing more than an informational prompt. But it makes me laugh, and suddenly I feel connected to the person who decided the prompt was necessary.

Truth is, we could all use a little more humor in our lives. And indeed, in our appliances. But if our labor-saving devices could do just one thing in addition to toasting, freezing, washing or brewing, my vote would be for providing some positive talk. A little phrase of truth that will ground us and allow us to move to the next moment feeling strong and worthy.

Not enough of us are skilled at providing the oomph of confidence that positive self talk can provide, so let’s delegate it to our washers and dryers.

Positivity can boost mood, increase coping skills, contribute to longevity and even stave off heart disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. We are how we think, apparently.
Unfortunately, there is plenty in the everyday world to counteract even the most sunny Pollyannas. War, crime, taxes, politics, arguments, even the simplest conflicts carve away at our souls like skates on a sheet of ice.

Engineers at appliance companies take heed. Imagine yourself as the Tinkerbell of positivity and work some magic into your next refrigerator plan. Think of all the good you could do.

Some suggestions:

  • A pleasant voice announcing “You look radiant in blue, even more so when the sky is cloudy” would be a welcome boost as I return the OJ to the refrigerator shelf.
  • “Smile. You are making the world a cleaner and more beautiful place,” would sound perfect as I take laundry from the dryer.
  • “You achieve amazing things when you try.” Yes. It’s a wonderful perk to get a compliment and a piece of sprouted whole grain goodness from the confidence-boosting toaster.

Recognize that none of these announcements is in any way bogus information. Each of us is a worthy being, placed on this earth to achieve some purpose, even if that purpose isn’t abundantly clear each and every day. And while our coffee pots are brewing a hit of mental alertness, they may as well be soothing our psyches at the same time.

Take a look around. Where do you invite positivity into your world?

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3 Responses to An everyday boost

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    do you think we could get a self cleaning toliet in the process?

  2. But I’m wearing red today, refrigerator!

    Another task/repair bill added.

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