Work (a tiny sample)

Some of my work ~ by no means exhaustive. Contact me for something specific.

Some General Editorial ~
Food and Love
Valentine’s Day perspective on the connection between food and intimacy.

Power of Positivity

Cover story on the importance of positive thinking for seniors.

Healthy Eating
Cover story about plant based eating.

Coping with Loss
Service piece exploring loss of a spouse.

College Admission…and beyond
College guide, with all editorial copy custom created

Profiles ~
Genius Rules
Profile of Jerome Chazen, founder and CEO of Liz Claiborne, Inc.

Positively Unique
Upbeat, style-centered profile of Miss USA Rima Fakih.

International Flair
Alumni magazine feature of former students living abroad.

Ad Copy ~
Great Homes: client-centered advertorial to entice homeowners in design choices.
Design Studio
Storage Solutions

Consumer Banking: themed ad copy for national bank
Financial Fitness
Your Banking Pro

How To: consumer guides with expert client advice
Dining Spaces
Pension Advice

Advertorial ~
A sample among the many
Walk to First Base
Historic Detroit Build

Website Promo Copy ~


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